About Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

A Transformative Experience on the High Plains

75 years of world-class music, culture, and transformation.

Changing lives through local education and outreach partnerships.

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A Transformative Experience on the High Plains

Mission & History

Music that Changes Lives

We mean it when we say music is transformative. Classical music sparks creativity, boosts memory, decreases blood pressure, and lowers stress. And that's just how it affects your body. We firmly believe that music is also transformative for soul.

The LSO has been enriching the South Plains with program offerings, educational experiences, and a professional community-based orchestra since 1946.


The purpose of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra is to enrich the greater community we serve through quality symphonic performances and educational experiences.


The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra will be an integral part of the cultural fabric of the South Plains Region with strongly supported program offerings, educational experiences that appeal to diverse audiences, a strong professional community based orchestra, and operational and financial stability.

Mission & History

A History of Community Support

In 1946, the LSO was a volunteer effort conducted by William A. Harrod. Harrod first came to Lubbock a member of the Air Force Band. He formed a dance band for the enlisted men and women stationed in Lubbock, and was asked to form a community orchestra by the local preachers. With no place to recruit trained string players, it look time to shift to a full orchestra.

Harrod said "the orchestra received its biggest blessing: (violinist) Virginia Kellogg." He believed her contribution was the shift to sounding like a real orchestra.

In 1967, success and community support shifted the LSO to a professional orchestra. This shift brought new musical and directorial talent. The current Music Director and Conductor is David Cho.

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra now boasts nationally-known guest conductors and soloists. And the full-time administrative staff and professional musicians perform with the symphony, do community outreach, and work with local schools.

Employment Opportunities

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Behind the Curtain at LSO

Brian Willcutt Headshot

Brian Willcutt


Toni Wallingford Headshot

Toni Wallingford


Heather Hocker Headshot

Heather Hocker

Immediate Past Chair

Katie Salter Headshot

Katie Salter


Terri Byrne Headshot

Terri Byrne


Steve Balch

Dolle Barker

Dustin Baucom

Gilbert Berdine

Leen Borno

David Cho

Patty D'Alise

Michael Epps

Stephen L. Faulk

Lisa Garner-Santa

Elias Ghandour

Gurdev Gill

Brad Green

Erin Gregg

Matt Grannan

Amy Grisham

Sandy Henry

Leslie Huckabee

Bobbye Hrncirik

Elena Ilyushyna

Tiva Kasemsri

Neil Kurtzman

Paula Loveless

Barry McCool

Amanda Mead

Mallory Miller

Mary Moran

Judy Poffenbarger

Melissa Pridmore

Phil Sizer

Tim Sampson

Peter Reed

Abi Rhodes

Robin Talbert

Davor Vugrin

Pat Wheeler

Lola Windisch

Galen Wixson Headshot

Galen Wixson

President and CEO

Leslie Breslin Headshot

Leslie Breslin

Director of Development and Communications

Mason Webb Headshot

Mason Webb

Box Office Manager

Emily Gavaghan Headshot

Emily Gavaghan

Director of Marketing

Amelia Jamieson Headshot

Amelia Jamieson

Graphic Designer

Suzanne Rasco Headshot

Suzanne Rasco

Director of Accounting

Gary Hudson Headshot

Gary Hudson

Personnel Manager

Kea Beasley Headshot

Kea Beasley

Education Director

Vaughan Hennen Headshot

Vaughan Hennen

Principal Librarian

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