Explore the Talent Behind the Music


Explore the Talent Behind the Music

Musician Information


Audition date: Sunday, Sept. 11

Location: TTU School of Music

WW/Brass: band hall

Strings: choir hall

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra announces auditions for the 2022-2023 Season and are will be held on Sunday, September 11. The following positions are available:

Section Flute/Piccolo (packet)

Section Horn (packet)

Section Violin (packet)

Section Viola (packet) (Berlioz) (Brahms) (Scherzo) (Mozart) (Tchaikovsky)

Section Cello (packet)

Sublist Double Bass (packet)

Sublist Trumpet (packet)

Sublist Tenor Trombone (packet)

Sublist Bass Trombone (packet)

Musicians interested in applying for audition should submit a one-page resume. All applicants will be reviewed and those who pass a preliminary screening will be contacted by the LSO to schedule an audition time. In order to schedule an audition, all invited auditionees must provide the LSO with a $50 deposit, refundable upon the applicant appearing at the audition. The resume and deposit will be due by August 27 to the Personnel and Operations Manager ([email protected])


In the event that a vacant position is filled by a current member of the LSO who auditions for it, the position vacated may be offered to the next best qualified applicant.

In the event that the Audition Committee deems that two or more candidates are artistically comparable, the LSO reserves the right to use information concerning an applicant’s distance from Lubbock and season availability to determine the winner of an audition.

Musician Roster


Annie Chalex Boyle, Concertmaster

Linda Lin, Associate Concertmaster

Lauren Pokorzynski, Principal Second (on leave)

Nathan Southwick, Principal (on leave)

Orlando Murillo, Asst. Concertmaster

Saikat Karmaker, Asst. Principal Second

Abigail Rhoades

Judy Woody

Clara Zahler

James Ellis

Shirley Cobb Wigley

Martha Perez

Philip Ledgerwood

Ariya Tai

Bruno Lunkes

Kea Beasley

Claire Miller

Brian Roach

Joseph Jung

Megan Kepley

Haley Kirychuk (on leave)

Baron Lyle


Kimberly Sparr, Principal

Sharon Mirll

Catherine Chen, Principal

Israel Mello

Emma Wood

Jordan Stubblefield


Michael Newton, Principal

Danny Mar

Alejos Anaya

Jayson Bishop

Madeline Garcia

Neemias Santos

Daria Miskiewicz


Mark Morton, Principal

Boyce W. Wyric

Pablo Seguel

Griff Miller

Hannah MacGillivray


Kimberly J. Hudson, Principal

Susanna Self

Spencer Hartman

Eric Leise (on leave)


Susanna Self


Amy Anderson, Principal

Susetta Rockett

English Horns

Susetta Rockett, Janeen Holmes Gilliam Chair


David Shea, Principal

Trisha Burrell


Vince Ocampo, Principal

Adam Drake


Christopher Smith, Principal

David Lewis

James Berry

Esteban Garcia

Madison Babovec


Will Strieder, Principal

Gary Hudson

Joseph Vandiver


Jim Decker, Principal

Bruce Keeling

Darin Cash

Bass Trombone

Darin Cash


Kevin Wass, Principal


Lisa Rogers, Principal


Christopher Mehrafshan, Principal

Erin B. Martysz


Richard Fountain, Principal


Rachel Mazzucco, Principal

Jenny Miller

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